Saturday, October 17, 2009

urb-appeal enroute

It's on its way! The newest dwelling from ideabox left this morning bright and early and has now literally arrived Seattle. Tomorrow it will move into the Qwest Field conference center next to the stadium. Of course, the Seahawks need to play their game first - but once they're done, we're moving in. A lot of activity begins both inside and outside the house - but in a couple of days it's like the house was always there, except for the whole living in Qwest Conference Center thing.

It is an amazing transformation. First, the house in installed by Ivy Construction who put the two pieces together and make it a complete house. Our guys get everything all ready on the inside. All the while, landscaping by In Harmony will be taking shape around the outside.  Decks will be built by Decks by JRW. Then the modern  furniture from Modern Design Sofas will complete the installation. The whole thing is orchestrated by Mike Kalian and the Seattle Home Show crew who have an amazing ability to handle any and everything.

And then it's on with the show!  More to follow, stay tuned...

The new "fortino" by ideabox. We can't wait to show it to you!

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