Monday, October 5, 2009

Terrific turnout from Green+Solar Tour

Saturday provided a bright and crisp fall day for the Salem Green+Solar Tour. It was a terrific soft opening for the new ideabox fortino modern prefab. The new house was universally received beyond expectation. (Especially because the house isn't finished yet!) We are looking forward to the "official" debut in Seattle, October 22-25, at Qwest Field.

I want to thank all of you who came to see the new house. Not only is it great to see you, your comments contribute to the development of our models. Hoping those of you who we pointed in the direction of our local wineries found them!

Also want to thank Cindy, Taylor, Greg, Buzz and Black Rock Salem for sharing your time, talents, and coffee with our guests.

Saturday was our third year participating on the Salem tour. You can see in the questions, comments, and conversations that the conceptual aspects of living more efficiently is moving past concept and to reality. Awareness and education has certainly grown. More people were working on new construction or remodeling projects employing improved thermal shell applications and active solar technologies. As solar PV production increases in Oregon plants and newer technologies find their way to the market, the reality of site power generation could be entering into its renaissance.

Exciting times.

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