Friday, October 2, 2009

fortino SNEAK PEEK 09

We're very excited to offer a sneak peek of the new fortino, tomorrow (October 3) from 11 to 4. The house isn't completely finished yet, but enough that you can walk through, experience the spaces, and see what green modern living can be like. Black Rock Coffee of Salem is sponsoring what we are now calling, "sneak peek 09" offering free coffee drinks at its Lancaster location (w/ coupon).

Saturday will be a great day to enjoy a brisk fall afternoon in Oregon. Visit Salem, see the next big thing in small living from ideabox, enjoy a Black Rock coffee drink, maybe check out a few wineries or a pumpkin patch, (find some of those apple cinnamon donuts...). For information, please call 503.510.4789 or visit

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knitwitt said...

You are neglecting the people in the Southeast, why should we be denied such a fabulous prefab. It's a great time to visit Florida, and maybe build a home after you're done at the beach. Gayle