Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Monday of Show Week!

If you have visited our website lately you hopefully saw the countdown clock on the front page. At first it was kind of fun, one of those cool website features that makes the site more fun. When it went it up the novelty was great!  "Look at our countdown clock....!" we would exclaim.  Back then, the infamous little clock thing was counting down from sixty days. Time was on our side. It was fun!

Today I took a look and it's like TWO days away.... and the emphasis has shifted from "how cool is this" to "wow, it's only TWO days away!" 

We are so excited to present this house. The "fortino"  represents a new urban emphasis for ideabox with a design that works as easily on a tight infill lot as it does on a site with territorial views. It's why we worked with the Seattle Home Show to present it.  It's why we have such a great team demonstrating what you can do with landscape, decks, and furnishings..

We look forward to seeing you "at the show!"

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