Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's fun building houses!

I think it's the transformation...
Every ideabox project is a special design exercise. Every site is unique and exceptional in their own ways. Every client has their own dreams and goals. Materials are personal expressions. Wrapping all that up creates a very individual lifestyle solution. From our viewpoint, there is great satisfaction to watch the process unfold before our eyes - from sketches on a table to walking on site and seeing the amazing view from the perfectly placed window. It's the beauty of prefab - engineered building in a controlled environment turning dreams to reality - quickly!

The real fun is watching the transformation occur. Prefab construction is speedy compared to a site built building as the entire production is an engineered process. The house literally comes together as assemblies are put together in succession.... while the floors are finishing the walls are being completed, and as the walls are being placed the roof assembly is built... Within each area rough plumbing and electrical are placed. Once the structure is complete the finish materials - both exterior and interior - are applied and installed.

We're having a lot of fun with the 2010 vintage of ideabox houses. Very cool systems from windows to new siding are adding real personality to the exterior elevations allowing our clients more creative license. The interiors are truly inspired with incredible attention to detail throughout the house. Crisp, virtually flat drywall sets up clean window returns with maple sills. Custom cabinets pick up the maple doors, stainless appliances set off the industrial gray windows, everything is designed compliment an entire living experience.

As much fun as it is to design, the real fun is in the building, seeing the transformation from what's on paper to the full scale experience.

But then there is what happens on site - talk about transformation! Literally one day there's this open space. And the next it's filled with a house. Just that fast the real living experience begins.

ideabox.... all about transformations!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Sun is Shining! And so is ideabox!

Cool Projects for a Hot Summer!

It's in the air, the whole summer thing. If you're anywhere near the Northwest, you know of the amazing lack of sun and over abundant amount of rain we've "enjoyed" the last several months. The spectacular sunshine and blue skies have re-energized everyone. 

We are so excited about the new 2010 vintage of ideabox houses. The entire line has been updated in about every way. Exteriors feature new siding, new window systems, and a new ideabox designed custom entry door. Interiors are incredibly well detailed, starting with new virtually flat drywall, incredible and new all maple cabinet systems, new vertical bamboo floors, new maple window sills, new Kohler baths, new Kitchen-aid appliances, new maple base trim & interior doors, absolutely clean lines. 

We've employed new ideabox energy efficiency measures developed with the guys at the NEEM Northwest ENERGY STAR Home/Eco-Rated program. First, we optimized our thermal shells including leading edge efficient glazing systems. Next, we eliminated the ductwork, typically an opportunity for building air leaks. Then, we designed in ductless mini-split heat pumps, the ultimate in efficient heating and cooling. Back up heating is zonal. Doing the math: optimal thermal shell + amazing glazing + latest technology heating/cooling = unparalleled comfort and efficient living! The perfect ideabox environment.

Amazing new houses are coming out of the ideabox design studio. It's so easy to get really excited when you see these mini architectural gems going through production. A couple of all galvalume houses will be incredible - one (pictured) for a vineyard in the wine country with incredible views and windows to take it all in; and the other a 1,400 SF two cube design for Central Oregon's high desert - again with expansive views....

It's exciting times at ideabox this summer. Big news coming soon, cool projects we'll feature, a new model being released.... keep reading!