Monday, December 5, 2011

Living In Tin Can

There is something enchanting about nontraditional homes. I found a picture of a home made from an old grain silo and loved the idea! People have some amazing stories of how they have turned abandoned metal silos into homes, guest apartments, green houses, vacation rentals, and offices. Whatever the use, be assured it is creative and unique.  You would now have a canned answer for the typical icebreaker, “tell us something interesting about yourself”…  

People’s interest in nontraditional homes often correlate with desire to focus on eco-friendly construction, so naturally, a grain silo home is “sustainable”. Used silos can be found for reasonable prices, and can be recycled when finished with them.

Constructing a grain silo home is relatively fast and simple. Since the structure already exists, all that is needed is a foundation. Special attention does need to be paid to the designing of windows, doors, and cabinets because of the round structure.

Low maintenance is also a benefit of grain silo homes. Many owners choose not to paint because they like the natural color of the silo. Made from steel, the silos hold up well to the environment.  The round structure allows for less surface area exposure to the elements compared to traditional rectangular styles. Less exposure means less volatility from weather and improves the overall durability and energy efficiency of the home. The greatest benefit of all is the mystique. Living in a silo home is taking the road less traveled in a big way. 

Below are some examples of how people who have re-purposed grain silos.

Pictures from Louise and Vance Ehmke who created an office/apartment on their farm in western Kansas

GrueneHomestead Inn, in New Braunfels Texas offers night accommodations in this converted silo home.  These pictures show just how comfy you can make it! 

This grain silo was actually converted into a storage area for animal feed and a great example of the use for general storage as well. 


Randy Hill said...

I love the idea of converting an existing structure like that into a home/ name it. Very cool idea! Should be plenty of structures like that available in Oregon.

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