Thursday, September 22, 2011

ideabox@camelot! A big time small living in Eugene, OR!

To us, every house we do is a part of the site it will occupy.  We've always been about creating solutions that contribute to the entire living environment, so when the opportunity to create a "cluster development" became available, we were very excited.

We were presented with a small build-able lot by a client interested in a design scheme that offered reasonable density of dwellings for people interested in living "smaller." The end use customer would be 55 & over, and because the lot is adjacent to their existing manufactured home community, they wanted the new addition to become a "cooler, hipper, extension of the existing community." Being a big fan on the manufactured home park model of living, (and having lived in a really old park while attending the University of Oregon), we were very excited to get started.

The resulting site plan ended up with 5 tidy building lots and a menu of ideabox houses ranging from 600SF 1BR/1BA to 800 SF 2BR/2BA in size. Each house is arranged on a pseudo zero-lot line placement backing up the driveways and carports taking full advantage of city required parking and creating outdoor living rooms for the houses. Instead of pouring concrete slabs for driveways, each site has oversized concrete "pavers" that allow for grass to grow, cars to park, and barbecues to be had!

Energy and resource efficiency are key features of this mini-project! Small footprint houses is a great start, with each being certified to NW ENERGY STAR Home and eco-rated engineered green home standards. All the appliances and lighting are ENERGY STAR, and we're featuring mini-split ductless heat pumps for extremely efficient heating and cooling. Each site contains all its own ground water, collecting water from roofs and filtering it back through the ground. Even the street is pervious pavement! 

The houses are from ideabox, so they are cool. Ultimate in easy living, each modern cottage is more like mini-modern-lofts. Large open living spaces, clever kitchens offering culinary elegance, and creative integration of outdoor "rooms," each house lives well beyond their walls. With the typical ideabox palate of materials and finishes, it's a mini-community of modern efficient living!

Perfectly located in Eugene, Oregon, the site is near practically everything. (I grew up not far from the site, and trust me, it's a great location in a dynamic city).

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