Saturday, July 24, 2010

ideabox on the street

Summer at the "box"

It's an amazing day, exactly what the concept "summer" is all about. Blue cloudless skies, perfect temperature, a light breeze, lots of green vegetation (a result of the never ending rain we had earlier), and wonderful shade only big trees can offer.

It's kind of the calm before the storm. A week from today the 2010 NW Natural Street of Dreams begins in Portland. It's kind of a big deal for ideabox, being the first prefab ever to be invited on "the Street." So it's a bit of tranquility before the craziness of a show with the magnitude of the Street of Dreams.

I just wanted to share, so I took the picture this morning. A practically perfect day!

A ton of work is going now at the Street of Dreams site. Rick Schultz and Teresa Long (Schultz & Long) have designed another terrific outdoor environment. Decks are under construction, trees and plants are being delivered and placed, it's landscape madness! Aspen Creek is doing a lot of the installation. Daniel Baca will once again be working his wonder with metal. It will be amazing!

Monrovia is providing the plant material for "ideabox on the Street" which we are very excited about.

We're delighted to be working with Unleash Design Studio inside the house. Hip,a local company with a terrific showroom on NW 24th in Portland, is providing furnishings. Design Within Reach is back with lighting & outdoor furniture. 

We'll have more on "ideabox on the Street" as next Saturday approaches.

In the meantime, it's another busy and delightfully sunny day at ideabox. 

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