Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's What's on the Inside that Counts

Crate and Barrel

That's who's going to be both inside & outside the new ideabox Fortino coming to the Portland Home & Garden Show in February.
While they haven't released their "official" design package yet, we've seen some of the furnishings the Crate&Barrel design team is thinking about.  It's going to be incredible. Elegant lines, exceptional materials, and a design vocabulary synonymous with the modern lifestyle of ideabox.
We are very excited... you will be too!
The Crate&Barrel design package will be throughout the house. Furniture, decor, housewares. and outdoor furniture too...
Visit the Crate&Barrel Bridgeport Store
Ask to see a sneak preview of what's going to be in the show! 
Tell them ideabox sent you!


Anonymous said...

We are very excited to see the new Ideabox home! Crate and Barrel is the perfect choice for your furnishings, love that store!

EA Kepler

Jack Rush said...

Hey Jim,
Looking forward to the show, last year we were blown away...Good luck!


Celebrant said...

Sending good thoughts and positive energy for the home show. Have fun!

jim said...

The show is really coming together. We've added a fourth landscape designer, so the house will now be completely surrounded by incredible, affordable, designer gardens. Add Crate&Barrel on the inside, it will be something special.

Thanks to all for your good wishes, comments, and emails. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Portland.... JUST TWO WEEKS AWAY!

Anonymous said...

I think you might want to delete the comment in another language... I clicked on it thinking to convert to english and read what they said, but it came up with a sex page... thought you should know

ideabox modern dwellings said...

Thanks for the notice - it's removed!