Tuesday, January 26, 2010

idbx in pdx - it's only a month away!

It's Coming Together Now... Seeing will be Believing! 

It's Truly an All Star Lineup at the 2010 Portland H&G Show - February 24 - 28 at the Portland Expo

We are so excited to share our newest house, the fortino, a month seems like almost too far away! The landscape designs surrounding the house are absolutely incredible, they really are. For those who have experienced the Garden Room at the Portland show, you already know how spectacular they can be. And with three of the most talented designers in the city applying their creativity around our house, the concept of what urban living could be will be mind blowing! For us, it's also an exploration in "affordable style." Everything we are doing with this years show is about creative expressions of style that are actually affordable. You can have the house... and the landscape.. it's not out of the realm because all of us have focused on lifestyle solutions you can really have for yourself. The fortino is an incredible assembly of materials and features typically found in higher priced homes. And the same is true with the landscape solutions.
We're All About Urb Appeal - The fortino does just that, and our hope of seeing that vision realized through landscapes is very cool. When asked if we had anything we wanted to see, our answer was do what the design of the house offers. They confirmed our design goals of having a small house that lives well beyond its walls.
It's All About the Lifestyle - Of course, what happens inside is pretty cool too! We are so fortunate and excited to be working with Crate&Barrel and the talented design team from the Bridgeport showroom. We're catching the at the right time, as their new 2010 lineup is hitting their stores... and our house. With an offering that extends beyond just furnishings to just about everything a house could want, it's ideabox lifestyle defined! And consistent with the ideabox philosophy of affordable design, the pricing will delight you!
Speaking of 2010 Lineup's - We have ours too! Coming in the next couple of weeks we will be introducing a new series of houses that reflect new opportunities in design and lifestyle. The 2010 series is very exciting, offering a refreshing new look.
New Energy Stuff Too - With everything going on in the energy and resource efficiency worlds, we called on our years of  "in the industry" experience to assemble an ideabox energy system. A combination of increased thermal shell measures and applied uses of heating & cooling technology, the 2010 line up of houses will use much less energy than current NW ENERGY STAR Home and other utility programs require. We think it's just a smart way to live.
Lots of Stuff Happening at ideabox - We're excited about 2010. Cool new houses, cool new technologies, and it all begins at the Portland Home & Garden Show!!!


Anonymous said...

Will you be showing the Cottage at the Portland show? I'm a couple of hours away, but might be able to drive up for that.

ideabox modern dwellings said...

Hi from ideabox! The "fortino" will be the home in the Portland Home & Garden Show. While it isn't the new "urban cottage" it has many of the features and finishes all ideabox houses are built to. Plus, it's a great way to introduce yourself to the whole ideabox "thing"!

Thanks for your comment. Let us know any question you might have!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply, Jim. I've visited your model in Salem a couple of times, so I'm familiar with -- and in love with -- "the whole ideabox 'thing.'"

I have your blog on my feeder, so will be looking forward to an announcement about seeing your "urban cottage."

Have fun at the Portland show!

jim russell said...

We'll be posting the new 2010 lineup which includes the cottage, very soon. It's very cool, but then, I guess it makes sense we would think so!

We'll also have lots of show stuff here and on the website.

Thanks for reading!

High Desert Diva said...

Hi Jim,
I'm planning on coming to the H&G show on Fri. the 26th. Probably with a couple others from the Bend area. Hope to see you!