Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the next big thing in small living

It began back in 2005. It was a small decision - well - sort of small but big in what we were deciding. We were putting the concept of what ideabox was going to be together.  We looked at the markets and realized there had to be an end to the mcmansion philosophy of housing. We saw crazy financing of houses by people who couldn't afford them. And we sensed at some point quality of life would become more important than mass consumption.

(For all of our sensing we didn't sense the almost complete erosion of the economy).  But that's okay, because we made a literally small decision that day back in 2005.

Our "small" decision was that ideabox would become "the next big thing in small living."  ideabox would focus on small spaces that are modern, easy, and a delight to be inside and outside  (as we think about how our houses interact on their sites. Outdoor "rooms" are as important to us as the indoor ones!) Every house would be energy efficient and built to green standards. We wanted a simplistic modern lifestyle.

The ideas behind ideabox came from a career ranging from architectural design, energy & resource efficiency, and commercial design and marketing. We were inspired by real, actual energy savings our programs were realizing. We saw opportunities to use resources more efficiently by creatively using cool building materials. And we saw that we could create an identifiable brand that represented our beliefs about design and living more responsibly.

And perhaps most important, we figured out construction methods that allow us to build incredible houses at reasonable costs without compromising quality. It's kind of exciting.

So you can see - ideabox is the next big thing in small living!

Our first house was 400 SF in size.... and you wouldn't know when standing inside. Our houses are the resolution of details coming together.  Blending "the right amount of everything" to create spaces that are truly delightful. Careful use of glazing to cast your eyes beyond the walls. Simple lines that ebb and flow allowing an ideabox to nestle in its surroundings making each home a unique living experience.  Our biggest house is just over 1,200 SF, and it seems huge.

It's practically perfect!

ideabox houses live beyond their walls. Our houses are crafted and real. Each and every one is a unique build, not a product out of inventory or on a lot somewhere. They're not the result of a fad or trying to be like something else. They are the result of a career looking for solutions that better peoples lives.

It's why ideabox is the next big thing in small living!


Sally said...

Love the ideabox homes! Once the economy picks up to where I can sell my house north of Seattle for at least what I owe, I will be looking for a site to put confluence!

High Desert Diva said...


The fortino is perfect. Bravo!