Monday, November 2, 2009

Jim to speak at Urban Land Institute Fall Meeting

ideabox co-founder and chief design guy Jim Russell was invited to speak at the Urban Land Institute's Fall Meeting, starting today in San Francisco. The annual meeting expects over 5,600 attendees over its four days and speaks to ULI's relevance to current real estate concerns in a rebuilding economy. 

Jim was asked to talk about his design and energy efficiency experience, and about the ideabox solution to small, designed, green and energy efficient prefab housing and its place in urban environments. Of particular interest is Jim's thoughts on "right sized" density applications and a reexamination of existing development models such as parks and land based condominium solutions. "We are looking forward to a lively discussion, there a lot of bright minds at ULI," Jim said. "Even in a challenging economy, we think good reality based design will result. There are a lot of people who are looking for a terrific lifestyle and a housing solution that is more about living than about keeping up a house."

Jim's session is on Wednesday. "It's terrific an organization like the Urban Land Institute recognizes what ideabox is doing. It speaks to our market relevance."

Hope to have interesting thoughts to write about after the presentation.  Enjoy the week!

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