Monday, December 13, 2010

It's the Season!

The Wonderment of Place
Perhaps the best reward of the ideabox "thing" are the sites our houses go, and the people we are so fortunate to work with. Each site is unique, and every project is about creating a new and special living environment. The simple elegance of the architecture and a confident palette of resource efficient materials allows the opportunity to basically custom design the ideal solution.

It's so much fun! 

This site is overlooks the Puget Sound and is truly spectacular. Nestled into the trees, the sunlight sparkles off the water and through the branches. What is amazing to me is the quiet, the silence is practically deafening. So close to modern civilization, yet completely away. It's this sense of place that inspires and motivates our efforts for small footprint, Northwest modern influence, ideabox houses. 

Hope all are enjoying the best of the holiday season! 

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