Thursday, April 8, 2010

introducing the urban confluence

What's Old is New..... Again!

Sort of... 

Before we get into that, let's break it down a little.

First - the name "urban confluence." 

"Urban" relates to the character of a city. "Confluence" is about the coming together of things, or people. So if you do the math, the new "urban confluence" by ideabox is a practically perfect name. It's a design palate inspired by modern urban influences in a house that brings people together. It's an equation with a very cool ideabox lifestyle solution! 

Now - the old being new again thing. The confluence is one of our original designs - and - currently is our most popular house. We thought it was because of the cool name, but more likely because it is a design of balance of space and elements.... so we're told. In this balance we saw an opportunity to bring in cleaner, crisper lines both inside and outside the house. By playing with materials in clever ways, we've taken the best elements of the original and made them new. And fresh. And mostly, fun!

It's a design that simply works. Soaring ceilings take off from the moment you open the front door. Walls of glass frame amazing views typically found on the incredible sites ideabox houses seem to land. An expanse of solid vertical bamboo floors tie the rooms together. Wood cabinets and doors, engineered composite counters, stainless appliances, it's the ideabox notion of living large in small spaces.

We like the idea of blending materials and expressing them in creative ways. A cool new front entry door, clean exteriors, crisp lines, and everything is done with functionality in mind.

The floor plan is all confluence, just a little different. For starters, interiors are finished with our own ideabox "virtuflat" wall treatment. Trim is maple. Quartz composite counters, Kohler baths, and Whirlpool stainless appliances bring elegance to clean modern interiors. Everywhere you look, everything you touch, it's all about the ideabox experience.

So, what is old is indeed new again. While the new urban series is already popular, we are still building houses to the original designs.... and a few using features of both. It's an exciting time at ideabox. With the sensationally well received "fortino" and the new urban series in production, the concept of an affordable prefab design solution is finding an ever growing audience.

ideabox is making small living a very big thing!

Vital Statistics:
Model: ideabox urban confluence
Description: 800 SF, 2BR/2BA, gourmet kitchen, modern baths, ultimate living
Interior: Vertical FSC certified bamboo throughout, maple cabinet/doors/trim, ideabox "virtu-flat" drywall finish, composite quartz/solid surface counters t/o, tile shower w/ glass rolling doors, KOHLER bath fixtures including dual flush toilet / vessel sink & faucet / shower fixtures, front loading washer/dryer

Mechanical: New Ductless Heat Pump primary, zonal back up heating & cooling, tankless hot water system - it's incredibly efficient!
Efficiency: Certified NW ENERGY STAR Home; ENERGY STAR labeled windows, appliances, lighting; ECO-RATED resource efficiency (green construction); Low water use everywhere (toilet/shwr/dishwasher/laundry).

For more information, please visit or give us a call... 503.510.4789 

ideabox... the right amount of everything

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