Friday, March 19, 2010

introducing the ideabox urban series - the urban cottage

the urban cottage

We love cottages! A cottage evokes everything a little house should be. But to be sure, we looked it up (Remember the dictionary? It's an amazing book!) (Remember books?) The word "cottage" is from the late 13th century, but really found its stride in 1765 with a meaning of "small country residence." We thought what a quaint , idyllic quality about a house, but why limit it to the country? Why not extend the cottage's capability to a more urbane existence? Imagine all the lifestyle of a small country residence... but maybe in a city?

Okay, it's a little nuts, (cottages in cities, c'mon... wouldn't it be cool?) But that doesn't mean the clean lines, modern use of materials, open floor plan, and easy living of a cool urban loft couldn't find a home anywhere, even in the country! Right? That's what we thought, so we're introducing the "urban cottage" by ideabox. A small country residence with an urban flair.

The new urban cottage uses the kitchen in a variety of ways. To us, kitchens are the center of our lives, both inside and outside a house. Se we placed it at the end of the house, with windows on all three sides. Think of it as kitchen as observation post! The location allows for generous cabinets, lots of counters, and maintains connected with the primary living areas. We located outdoor access for easy access to the kitchen making outdoor entertaining easier and minimized traffic patterns within the house. 

There is a lot of glass - a primary feature of every ideabox - but we've weaved awnings and casements to continue our focus of using natural ventilation and moving air around the house. It's also kind of fun too, you can play with which windows to open.... do you open the lowers on one side and the uppers on the other.. or maybe just the uppers.... or maybe one of each.... the combinations are endless. 

You gotta sleep sometime, so we created a bedroom that is separated yet connected. A cool alcove takes a craftsmanlike built-in and opens the room up, an eight foot tall slider opens it out, as in outside! Casement windows perfectly placed provide a nice balance of natural light and ventilation. 

The bath has evolved too, now featuring KOHLER vessel sinks, faucets, dual flush push button toilet, and shower head. Speaking of showers, the urban cottage continues with tile and glass roll-by doors. There are also very nice fiberglass tub/showers and "accessible" options. 

Now, before I forget, we offer fiber cement shingle siding in place of the more urban "z-channel" urban look. Gotta admit, it's a nice look and is a nice contrast to the corrugated metal. Flooring is FSC certified vertical bamboo with optional marmoleum and cork.

The urban cottage from ideabox - the ultimate "small country residence with urban flair."

Vital Statistics:
Model: ideabox urban cottage
Description: 665 SF, 1 BR / 1BA, idbx euro inspired kitchen, modern bath
Interior: Vertical bamboo throughout, maple cabinet/doors/trim, ideabox "virtu-flat" wall finish, composite quartz/solid surface counters t/o, tile shower w/ glass rolling doors, KOHLER bath fixtures including dual flush toilet / vessel sink & faucet / shower fixtures, front loading washer/dryer
Mechanical: New Ductless Heat Pump primary, zonal back up heating & cooling, tankless hot water system
Efficiency: Certified NW ENERGY STAR Home; ENERGY STAR labeled windows, appliances, lighting; ECO-RATED resource efficiency (green construction); Low water use everywhere (toilet/shwr/dishwasher/laundry).

For more information, please visit or give us a call... 503.510.4789 

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