Thursday, February 18, 2010

ideabox landscape designers in the news!

Three design firms create gardens for an Ideabox at the Portland Home & Garden Show 

By Kym Pokorny, The Oregonian

A great article focusing on the gardens and their designers appeared in today's Oregonian newspaper. The focus of the article was about the amazing landscape designers we are so fortunate to be working with at this years show. These designers are truly talented, their designs are inspirational, and from what I've seen already in their execution are going to be absolutely sensational.
Show Update - the fortino house arrived Tuesday and was installed in the middle of the exhibition hall. An amazing crew finished getting the house ready today. Not long after the arrival of the house the landscape installations began. Rick Schultz and Teresa Long were working with the metal aspects of their design. Terry Gibson began laying out blocks to form his landscape walls. Decks for Jack Hayes garden were underway. Designers from Crate & Barrel came by to check out the house readying their staging plans. So much planning, so much work, and so much talent. 
If you love design, you're gonna want to experience this!

The link to Kym's article is above.... or here! 

The show starts next Wednesday at the Portland Expo Center. Come join us, and make sure to say Hi!

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