Thursday, December 31, 2009

it's a brand new year!

It's a Brand New Year!!! In welcoming 2010, I thought I would do something I've been wanting to do all of 2009... which was to find a way to feature some of the amazing talents we are so fortunate to meet here at ideabox.

One of the incredible opportunities we have at ideabox are the people we meet. We've met Hollywood types, (directors, art directors, costume, script writers, ect...), TV people, Ad Agencies (owners, creatives), Architects, Restaurant Owners, Artists, Bakery Owners, Authors, Artists.... and so many more. If we kept a list it would be not only amazing but very humbling. There is so much talent in the world.

Something I've been wanting to do is introduce you to some of these people and share their amazing abilities. At first I thought I could find a place on the ideabox website, but that didn't work so well.  Now we have this blog, and since I get to write it, I think this is a great place to share from!

The graphic above is an example of something pretty cool. It is a painting by Jim Morehead of Morehead Studios in Newberg Oregon. The painting is not on a canvas, but on a piece of wood where the fundamental composition is done by wood-burning, the color added on top of the wood. It's remarkable. We have a couple of Jim's pieces here at ideabox, and featured them in last years Portland Home & Garden Show. Much of Jim's work is "re-working" the masters employing the wood-burning technique. The piece above is an original from a day at the beach watching a fishing boat readying its launch off the shore. Active in the art community, Jim's work can be seen at the Lincoln City Cultural Center, located on the Central Oregon Coast in Lincoln City. Learn more about the gallery and its member artists at Jim can be reached at or by phone 503.332.1329.

What an exciting year 2009 was! Here's to a how incredible 2010 will be!


James H Morehead said...

Thanks, Jim, for my surprise appearance on your blog. All of my efforts for six months have been in oils on canvas of Western Oregon's rivers and streams. I lived on the Yaquina River four years as a youth in the 1950s and this project recaptures the excitement and peaceful environments I enjoyed there. I hope to see you at our Pacific Artisans Co-Op Gallery next to the Lincoln County Cultural Center, in Lincoln City, Or, where several of my canvases may be viewed.

Anonymous said...

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