Saturday, September 5, 2009

new fortino underway

Construction has begun on the next big thing in small living. "fortino" by ideabox explores a new design direction. A little more modern, some new materials, fortino continues our quest of offering green built energy efficient prefab homes that are all about an active lifestyle.

The two pictures show a section of the "fortino" floor in its early stages of construction. The 2x8 floor framing is being insulated after the engineered insulated duct work and plumbing lines have been placed. While the floor was being built, the interior and exterior walls and the roof were under construction in another location. The second image shows the same floor, now with the walls and roof in place.

A couple quick observations... note the lack of waste material. At every opportunity building materials are ordered to length and size with little to no excess. Being built to ENERGY STAR and eco-rated standards, the insulation is carefully placed and will be fully lofted before sheathing is placed.

Keep checking - we'll continue to add images as the house comes together.

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Preston said...

Looks great, Ideabox, can't wait to see more of the Fortino!