Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Summer of Possibilities

We want to thank all the people who are coming by the ideabox world headquarters this summer. It's been a little warm in the heart of the Willamette Valley, making it very "cool" to see all of you. Keep coming!

What a summer it has been. With the range, diversity and creativity of projects we are working on, it's exciting to see all the possibilities out there. From Southern California to British Columbia, and some incredible locations in between, ideabox offers unique product applications that perfectly adapt to a wide variety of lifestyle solutions. It's exciting.

All this activity speaks to continuing trends in lifestyle choices. We're seeing more people who are realizing there are better, cooler, more interesting ways to live. At the center is where people want to live, how much "house" they want to manage, and how the definition of space is more important than how much space... all the stuff ideabox has been focusing on for years.

It seems everywhere you look people are caring more about where things come from. We want to know what went into a product, who created it, what was the thought process, why is it cool.

There seems to be a renaissance of meaning, a value system to make decisions by. In this age of instant information via electronic delivery systems, it's the human element reasserting itself.

"Meaning" speaks to the questions and observations we experience at ideabox. People are finding value in the "how" ideabox came to be - that it's an effort that grew out of a desire to blend architecture, energy efficiency, green materials and methods, and prefab construction. Another observation we hear a lot is an appreciation that ideabox is a small company - not some large corporately owned entity following a market trend.

Anyway - it's the "Summer of Possibilities!" It's very exciting!

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