Friday, June 12, 2009

June in the San Juans

Nothing better when the sun is shining in the San Juan Islands. Blue skies, green trees, the waters of the sound, in one of the worlds more unique locations, can life be any more perfect than this???

Here are a couple of preview shots of an ideabox cottage on Orcas Island. With all the glass, the house takes in the incredible views created by this incredible place. The deck practically reaches outside to the views beyond making the living experience truly special.

We will post more of some of the incredible places ideabox homes get to go!

Hope you are enjoying a terrific beginning to Summer 2009!


Preston said...

Absolutely stunning ... nice location and view.

Shawn said...

The roof seems to have a shallow pitch. Will it work for PV systems and snow loads?

jim Russell said...

Yes on both snow and PV. The roof is at a shallow pitch to create volume inside the house. To meet snow loads, we adjust roof framing. Our experience with PV is the rarity of a site offering optimal solar exposure for the house orientation, (the views always seem to the "other way!").