Tuesday, May 26, 2009

that was quick!

Wow! Bring in a house, add a deck, maybe a garden and look out! The ideabox @ port townsend is really looking nice. A new geo deck leads to a garden beyond that truly brings living inside an ideabox outside. All within a small lot that defines big modern living in a small carbon footprint.

If you're in the Port Townsend area and want to visit, do so soon! Contact Charlie Arthur, RE/MAX First, 360.344.3930. Charlie has other lots in the Port Townsend area perfect for creating your easy living ideabox solution!


Anonymous said...

I've seen the ideabox home in Port Townsend and the home on Harstene Island in the P Sound. Very cool homes. As the site says, "the right amount of everything". This guy is on to something.

Anonymous said...

Saw one in Portland Oregon this week- liked it alot.