Friday, April 24, 2009

been awhile

It's been awhile!

So much has changed in a couple of years. We have a line-up of houses, ranging from the 400 SF park model of our first post, to the "cottage," the "confluence", and "cubes." Each model offers big time living in small space - and each is built to resource and energy efficient standards. We have some terrific projects installed, ranging from the north rim of the Grand Canyon to Orcas Island. And some terrific projects coming. As they come together we'll post them.

With the economy presenting its obvious challenges, the ideabox concept of living has really taken form. More people realize that with a cool small scale home solution available, the concept of downsizing is very doable. Combined with materials that are both green and easy maintenance, you can live without the hassles of a full blown house. Another huge benefit of the ideabox lifestyle is true savings in energy efficiency by virtue of our certified ENERGY STAR and EARTH ADVANTAGE construction..... not to mention smaller footprint.

As we get pictures of cool installations we will post them - we have some amazing houses on very cool sites with views that are nothing short of amazing. All take advantage of the lifestyles around them - from the wine country of Oregon to island living in the San Juan's. It's all very fun and very active.

More to come! Get out there and enjoy this amazing spring!

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Sondra Rose said...

Looking forward to seeing those pics! We are still looking for land, but hopefully will be in touch soon!