Thursday, June 30, 2011

the biggest thing in small living

it's must reading for the summer!
As you know, we've been very big on using little. Whether it's efficiently using energy, or materials, even square footage, we work hard to create clean, modern, and bright spaces. So when a magazine like House Beautiful calls, we get excited! It's terrific recognition, and kind of fun to casually flip to page 117 while in line at the grocery store! (And probably gasp just loud enough at the amazing house in the upper right corner that everyone hears - at least those in line!)

It's already been a busy summer at ideabox. New models are being worked through and soon to be released. The mini-neighborhood is in development with the street soon to be completed and infrastructure placed. We are fortunate to have a couple of nice houses in construction; as well as one just finished being sited; and another in a week or so. And some exciting new projects in development with creative solutions for terrific sites. 

Keep checking in. And check out House Beautiful magazine! (Maybe while at the store, page 117, not that the other pages aren't cool or anything.... just sayin').

Hope all are enjoying a great summer!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wow! What a Year it is!

Okay... So it's been a few months since our last entry. It's just that we've been busy! New projects, new houses, new capabilities.... I know, there's really no excuse. 

We thought 2010 was amazing. We were so honored to be on the NW Natural Street of Dreams, which followed an incredible Portland Home & Garden Show display. It was great to be recognized as one of the top twenty prefabs in the country. Not to mention the wonderful projects we were so fortunate to be a part of. 

It's hard to believe 2011 is half over, seems like it just started. The studio at ideabox has been working on some exciting projects on incredible sites. Starting with a couple of new homes on Whidbey Island to wineries in Oregon & Washington, this year is adding to the allure of the modern prefab. The range of solutions our clients and their sites are creating are as exceptional as they are diverse. Imagine modern ideabox houses in vineyards or on a Puget Sound shoreline, presenting views and lifestyles that are uniquely Pacific Northwest. Sites that are very special, and houses that minimize site impacts, live efficiently, and offer a truly cost effective designed solution that maximizes the lifestyle.

ideabox is expanding! We are building to IRC residential building codes (modular) throughout the west - AND - we are shipping to the Rocky Mountain states, including Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico,  Arizona and Utah. 

And new models. "Tinker " is new, fun, and surprisingly adaptable. Using materials from ranging from IKEA to Duravit, it's a house that is all about fun. Simple, straightforward, and a trip to be in and around, it's the new little wonder house from ideabox. We can even configure two together... it's your imagination, use it!

A new "big" house is almost finished. Really. It's "big" for us, in many ways!

2011 is the year of "cubes". We're doing amazing things with cubes - arranging them in every direction. Our clients are creating cool courtyard houses, "L" configurations, and compact little/big houses. Houses with two and three cubes, all very modern and fun. We'll be posting some of these new configurations as the houses come together. 

Ground has broken on our first little mini-development. It will be accepting houses in late July/August. Designed for small footprint living, we've worked to create what is essentially detached mini-lofts, each with small outdoor space and carport. The project is located in the perfect city for modern efficient living! More on that very soon.

Oh... almost forgot..... we've been told we're going to be in another national magazine! Pretty cool, we think. More on that as we know when, which issue, and availability. It's our biggest magazine to date!

Hope you are enjoying a terrific year. We are!